• Company Profile

    Our company PT. CIPTA ANEKA AGUNG is a company engaged in the PVC industry. We are a legal company that has been certified as a company legal entity. With all the legality and supporters that exist. PT. CIPTA ANEKA AGUNG was founded and started operating since 1995.

  • Production and Company Products

    PT. CIPTA ANEKA AGUNG produces a variety of PVC pipe products, fittings, ducting, and other similar products. The trademark for PVC pipes and fittings is AQUALON, and the trademark for Ducting is ALCON.

  • Company Services

    Our services include innovation and product development with innovative designs, in addition we partner with contracting companies and consultants as suppliers of materials produced from our company.

    Our personnel and employees are professionals who have competence in their fields, are highly dedicated in tasks, have problem solving oriented and have experience in their work fields in accordance with management governance.


    To become the best and most successful Pipe and Fitting company in quality quality management in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. By providing the best quality pipe products and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

    • Continuously providing high quality products and meeting customer needs through programs needed by the global market
      Creating competent employees in a good and conducive work environment to support customer satisfaction.
    • Developing good company operations in all aspects, through developing technology, regulations and creating an environmentally friendly industry.